Some people call him

the Mr. Rogers

of self-development.


Let’s make this your life. 


I always feel like these spaces where I have to introduce myself are always a bit stuffy so let’s talk about you instead. That’s more my style.


If you and I were meeting up at Starbucks with two hours to spare, I’d tell you what I’ve learned from working with people for the last 15 years to overhaul their lives:  

A lot of us are defeated, tired, and not really living up to our full potential. We’re stuck. The self-help books aren’t really working. The “rah, rah” Instagram posts are sweet, sure, but the inspiration is like a tic tac—it only lasts for 5 minutes. We’ve told ourselves stories about who we are and what we bring into the world but most of those stories aren’t the best ones—-they end up hijacking our true identities.  Those stories become thick walls that close us out from living strong and free. 

But here is where I lovingly tell you: no more, friend. No. More!

It’s time to wake up and start moving forward. Elbow those endless excuses right in the ribs and tell them to move over because you’re ready for change.

You can do pretty freaking hard things and I’m breaking out the posterboard and glitter signs to cheer you on. We are going to smash down those walls and reclaim your life together. 

When you mix a big dose of self-kindness and the willingness to do your healing work, get ready for the hope to flood back in. Get ready for joy and meaning to define your life. It may seem impossible, but it’s actually easier than you think.


The Workshop






Okay! Here’s the official bio stuff…


Known as the Mr. Rogers of self-development, Mike Foster is a best-selling author, speaker, and executive counselor empowering people to build strong lives by turning their setbacks into superpowers.

Mike is a Certified Experiential Specialist recognized by the International Society For Experiential Professionals. He is skilled in utilizing creativity and interactive elements to help people heal from hurts.

Like a grace-flavored snow cone on a hot, judgmental day, Mike’s chart-topping and highly acclaimed “Fun Therapy” podcast and STRONGEST workshop will give you the one-two punch you need to stop making excuses and start living a stronger, better life.

Mike is the author of several best-selling books including “Freeway” and “Wonderlife.” His wildly popular “Five Dates” fun-books for couples empowers relationships to build a strategy of togetherness. His latest book “You Rise Glorious” is the essential guide to breaking shame and living free.

His work has been featured on Good Morning America, FOXNews and the New York Times. He lives in San Diego with his wife Jennifer and their fluffy dog.



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