Mike Foster


A 2-day workshop for
living fierce, free and unstoppable.
May 26-17, 2019 : San Diego, CA

Spend two days in San Diego learning the powerful life skills to maximize your life, leadership and relationships. Strengthen your life by creating emotional fitness, radical ownership and unhooking from habits that hold you back.


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Build A Strong Heart & Life

Good Vibes. Good Coffee. Good Growth.

This will be a time of learning, refreshment and discovery. Connect with other individuals and build new friendships. Learn how implement self care, emotional fitness, create strong relationships and lead a heart-centered life.

90% of people say inner strength is key to success in today’s world.

Mike Foster is an author, speaker and host of the Fun Therapy podcast. He is the creator of Rescue Academy workshop and “You Rise Glorious: A Wild Invitation to Live Fierce, Free, and Unstoppable in a World that Tries to Break You, Shame You, and Tell You that You're Not Enough”


2 Days of learning, connecting and encouragement.

VIP Dinner at Mike’s House

Snacks & Lunch

Module 01:
Strongest You

Build emotional fitness and care for your mind, body and soul.

Module 02:
Strongest Influence

Making your message, your voice and your dreams stronger. We will discuss how to execute your ideas for maximum impact and

Module 02:
Strongest Relationship

Breaking codependency while building boundaries, empathy and genuine connection.

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