Want Some Good News?

You’re just a few moments away from making a big, brave step towards a better you! We’ve gathered all the resources in one place so we can make that step with ya.


You Rise Glorious

With a fierce vulnerability and real-world application, "You Rise Glorious" book will inspire you, restore you, and invite you into living shame free and fully alive.

Five Dates

With an extra 10-minutes, "Five Dates" will equip you with the tools to build connection and togetherness. The His/Her workbooks are filled with simple exercises, short readings and fun talking points.

Extraordinary Couples

The "Extraordinary Couples" guided video course is a fun and easy way to improve communication, create intimacy and build a more satisfying relationship right now!



Let’s Marie Kondo Your Brain.

You know that overthinking, over-analyzing, and scattered brain of yours? Well, tidy up that sucker with my FREE 7-day guide to releasing emotional clutter from the inside out. You owe it to yourself to go after your dreams from a healthy and whole perspective.