Mike Foster


Fast-track your personal and professional development.

I take on a limited number of highly motivated individuals who are interested in maximizing their personal, family and career goals.

The one-on-one program is designed to cut through the limiting beliefs, confusion and launch you into the life you truly desire. We identify core blocks, build new practices and create a personalized action plan.

Stop the confusion. Stop the self-sabotage. Finally, live in the self-confidence of you are and what you were made for.

Designed for leaders and individuals who are ready for change. Limited spots available.

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2-Day Life Plan


The 2-day Life Plan will help you boldly define your calling, talents and produce a customized plan for your growth and success. In just 48 hours you will fast track 12 months worth of coaching. This powerful experience will equip you to succeed in your career, family and personal life. The 2-day Life Plan is a blend of counseling and strategic planning.

Includes 2 full days of one-on-one facilitation and a follow-up session. Pre-work is also included.

Next Steps

  1. Fill out the inquiry form below.

I will send you more details on the process, what’s included and the the fee.

2. We do a short call together.

After you have looked over the information and it feels like a fit, we will hop on a 20 minute call.

3. Schedule your session.

You get out your calendar. I will get out mine. We lock in a date. It’s that easy.

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The 2-day Life Plan is a professional service designed to help you get unstuck and take action. If you’re ready to learn more, fill out the form and I will send your further details on the process.

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