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Fun Therapy. I know what you might be thinking:
can there be such a thing?!


I put the word “fun” in there because I want people to know that digging into the hard stuff-- the messy, unedited parts of stories-- doesn’t have to be such a scary thing. 

Welcome to my podcast, a place where the unfiltered is actually quite beautiful. You’ll never find things sugarcoated here.

In every episode, you’ll find normal human beings talking honestly about normal human being things. We dig in. We welcome the mess. We ask the hard questions. We uncover clarity. We figure out how to turn our setbacks into superpowers. This is about full-on life optimization baby! All it takes is a truck load of self-love and the willingness to do small, brave things everyday. You in?


Plugged In + Ready To Go


Annie F. Downs

Annie F. Downs is a best-selling author and nationally known speaker based in Nashville, Tennessee. In this session of Fun Therapy, Mike talks to her about the struggles of being single, feelings of rejection and what it means to truly belong.


Guided Meditation: Letting Go

In this special edition of Fun Therapy, Mike shares a guided meditation to help you identify heavy things that you have carried for too long. If you're feeling weary and burned out by life, these few minutes will help you release relationships, failures and hurt you were never meant to carry.


5 Ways To Fall Asleep Naturally

On this episode of Fun Therapy Mike shares 5 ways to fall asleep naturally and how to improve your quality of rest. From establishing an electronic sunset to never using a King size pillow, Mike unpacks fascinating and myth-busting research to a good night of sleep.


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