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Guided Meditation: Self-Acceptance

In this special episode of Fun Therapy, Mike has created a guided meditation to help you relax and center your life in self acceptance. Many will find this type of reflection helpful to identify the things below the surface that need love and compassion. This episode is a perfect tool to help you release stress, anxiety and tension from your day.



Lauren Scruggs Kennedy

In December of 2011, Lauren Scruggs Kennedy (Fashion journalist and wellness advocate) was involved in a tragic accident in which she walked into an airplane's spinning propeller, losing her left eye and severing her left hand. In this episode she joins Mike to discuss the difficulties of building friendships, how to communicate needs and the importance of feeling safe in our stories.

How To Turn Your Thoughts And Feelings Into Allies

Alison Cook is the co-author of "Boundaries For Your Soul: How to Turn Your Overwhelming Thoughts and Feelings into Your Greatest Allies." Mike was so inspired by her book that he invited her to share about some of the key findings from her research. They discuss the importance of all emotions, depression and how to make friends with the vulnerable parts of your soul.


Unlikely Ways To Maximize Your Calling

In this episode, Mike shares the keys to maximizing your purpose, passions and life's calling. Too often we chase the big picture instead of enjoying the sacred moments of the windy road to getting there. He shares two fundamental ideas to experience the life you want and why to never diminish, deny or downplay your passions for the sake of others approval.

Mack & Meredith Brock

Our first ever "couples" Fun Therapy features worship leader Mack Brock and his wife Meredith. They share about their current struggles and the importance of healing their own family of origin brokenness. Mike also invites them into a powerful exercise where they affirm each other's value and importance. As a special bonus, Mack plays an exclusive unplugged performance from his album "Greater Things."


Malcolm McLoughlin

Most people have distorted and incorrect beliefs about addiction. Many are confused about how to best help those who are struggling. In this episode of Fun Therapy, author and ultra-runner Malcolm McLoughlin pulls back the curtain on his gut-wrenching battle and how the hooks of alcohol brought him to the edge of suicide. This raw and powerful conversation will change what you think about addiction and give you the keys to helping yourself and others find sobriety.



Take Ownership Of Your Story

Too often we feel defeated by our past. We feel defined by our history. In this episode of Fun Therapy, Mike shares how to take ownership of your story and the four common responses we have to life. He unpacks the critical questions we should be asking about our past and how we can avoid being defined by our worst moments.

Melissa Radke

Have you ever struggled with your weight? Have you felt judged by others? Do you find yourself at war with your body and unhappy with the way you look? In this powerful episode, author and reality TV star Melissa Radke boldly opens up about her struggle with her weight and body image. Mike and Melissa unpack the pain of people’s unkind words and how how to respond to the fear of putting yourself out there.


Jeremy Cowart

Jeremy Cowart is a world renown photographer and artist. He is the creator of Help Portrait and is currently in the midst of building one of his biggest dreams yet, The Purpose Hotel. In this episode Mike and Jeremy talk about the challenges of adoption, facing his own health challenges and living in the "not yet" of a dream.

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Five Ways To Fall Asleep Naturally

An estimated 50-70 million US adults have issues with insomnia and wakefulness. On this episode of Fun Therapy Mike shares 5 ways to fall asleep naturally and how to improve your quality of rest. From establishing an electronic sunset to never using a King size pillow, Mike unpacks fascinating and myth-busting research to a good night of sleep. With music by Sleeping At Last and featuring the song "Lullaby," this episode is perfect for anyone who struggles to make friends with their pillow.

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Sleeping At Last


Blake Mycoskie

Blake Mycoskie is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and the founder of TOMS Shoes. In this episode, Blake shares about his passion for helping to end gun violence in America. He shares about the importance of listening to your heart as a leader and boldly taking on issues that matter to you.

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End Gun Violence Campaign


Kait Warman

Kait Warman is a well-known dating expert, speaker, relationship coach, and host of the popular Heart of Dating Podcast. In this episode Mike and Kait talk about the challenges of dating and navigating rejection. She also shares candidly about a past abusive relationship that she was caught in and how she finally escaped. This is a powerful and intense conversation that won’t soon be forgotten.

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Heart Of Dating Podcast
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National Domestic Violence Hotline: 800.799.SAFE 
Crisis Text Line: Text the word CONNECT to 741741. (US Only)

“Friendship” by Diane Maria Muloek Craik

Oh, the comfort, the inexpressible comfort... Of feeling safe with a person... Having neither to weigh thoughts….Nor measure words ….But pouring them all right out….Just as they are….Chaff and grain together.…Certain that a faithful hand will take and sift them...Keep what is worth keeping...And with the breath of kindness...blow the rest away. 


Scott Harrison

Scott Harrison is the founder of Charity: Water and the author of NY Times Best-seller, "Thirst: A Story of Redemption, Compassion, and a Mission to Bring Clean Water to the World." Scott sits down with Mike to talk about the death of his mother this year and how to find optimism in the midst of suffering. He shares about how he uniquely processed his grief and the pressures of balancing family and the mission to bring clean water to over 1 billion people.

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Scott’s Book: “Thirst” Code: FUN


Carlos Whittaker

On the Season Premiere of Fun Therapy, Mike and author Carlos Whittaker explore a limiting belief that keeps him from fully pursuing his calling. He talks about how a lie was planted inside of him many years ago still controls how he sees himself today. This episode is for anyone who is looking to break their own limiting belief and wanting to stop tolerating the lie of not-enoughness.

Carlos Whittaker is a People’s Choice Award winner and author of the book "Kill The Spider" which focuses on how to tackle the roots of our issues.

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Kill The Spider Book



When Twinkle Lights Reveal Our Sadness

In this special Christmas episode, Mike shares how to manage the emotional and family dynamics of the holidays. He talks about why this is both a joyful and melancholy season and gives practical tips for emotional health. Mike is also joined by Sleeping At Last as they talk about holiday traditions and his new Christmas song, "When We're Together."

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Season 3 Trailer

In the Season 3 trailer, Mike shares about the upcoming episodes and guests. He also talks about emotional "funks" and not knowing how to get out.

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Everyone Belongs in Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood

In the Season 2 finale of Fun Therapy, Mike dives into the teachings of Fred Rogers and why love must be the foundation for our lives.