Transforming Pain

We spend a lot of our lives in the transferring of pain. It’s the process of getting it off of us and giving it to others. We do this as a coping mechanism for our unhealed hurts, wounds and trauma.

Many of the problems that we in the world today is due to the transference of pain. Almost all of the bad stuff we see in the news is connected to this idea.

Abuse, control, manipulation, codependency. These things are about the transfer of pain.

But here’s the truth I would love for you to grab.

Pain must be transformed, not transferred.
And if we can transform our pain, absolutely everything in our life will change. We will live free. We can feel joy again. We can be empowered.

Too many of us try to fix ourselves by breaking someone else. This is a solution that not only will keep you in pain but add to the pain of others. Your spouse, your kids, your friends and your co-workers. They will all lose if you’re just putting your pain on them.

We can heal our hearts by doing the work and taking ownership of what’s rumbling around inside. We don’t have to be afraid to transform our pain. But if we keep transferring our pain, we should be really concerned about what our future is going to look like.