Body Kindness

What would it look like if you were kind to your body?

What if you could stop punishing your body with workouts you hate, extreme diets that don’t work and judgmental thoughts that make you feel worse inside?

All of us have been taught by diet culture to be mean to our bodies through restriction, ignoring our hunger or the hyper-focus on our butts, guts or any other section of our body that society says isn’t good enough. Friend, the onslaught of marketing messages has brought you into a war with your body. And this war is not going to end well.

Sandra Aamodt, author of “Why Diets Make Us Fat” says “dieting is stressful, and stress hormones increase the amount of fat stored in fat cells.” Her basic point: Our obsession with weight loss only makes us heavier which then leads to more issues. We get caught in this endless cycle that will never produce positive results.

It’s time to shift our thinking into what I call “body kindness.” It’s time to show some love for your one-and-only container. You’re gonna have it for the rest of your life, so start being nice to it.

So what does that look like? Here’s some tips.

  1. Stop judging the way you look or the size and shape of your body.

  2. Feed your body and do it mindfully. Don’t restrict or get hyper focused on food.

  3. Move your body. Don’t worry about extreme workouts. Go for walks instead.

  4. Get a good nights sleep. When you get 7-8 hours a night, that’s being kind to your body.

  5. Exercise for the chemicals, not the calories. Do it cuz you feel good, not to be skinny.

  6. Self care: Develop a couple self care practices that make you feel great afterwards.

What might it look like for you this week to reestablish a new relationship with your body? How could you show it kindness?