My name is Mike and I am a friend of imperfectionists and second chancers. For the past 15 years I have focused my work on helping people flourish by helping them be passionate about their not-so-perfect stories. 

I've developed a simple framework to help us experience a lifestyle of freedom and to courageously work through our struggles, hurts and pain. My resources, training and private practice are focused on helping people pursue radical acceptance and radical responsibility in their lives and to embrace a healthy identity.   

Over 200,000 people have purchased my workbooks and thousands of groups have been created as people found hope, purpose and God's radical grace in my "Freeway" and "Wonderlife" curriculum. 


In 2015 I created the Rescue Academy LIVE 2-day workshop and Online E-course. These innovative courses train people how to effectively counseling friends, family and those we influence.   

I speak at conferences, churches and professional gatherings about how to turn our hurts and hang-ups into an unfair advantage in life. This year I will speak to over 50,000 people about my work and on the topics of shame, identity and living free.  

My work has been featured on Good Morning America, Fox News and in the New York Times. Believe it or not, I've also appeared on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart which was quite a funny experience.  


In 2016, I released my book "People of the Second Chance" (Waterbrook Publishing) where I share my own not-so-perfect story of permanently disfiguring an innocent man, hiding my own childhood sexual abuse and my ongoing struggle with shame. In the book I unpack the lessons of what it means to embrace a new identity and step into God's beautiful possibilities for life. 

I am the founder and Chief Chance Officer at People of the Second Chance. We are a non-profit organization guided by this lofty ideal: that every person on earth gets a second chance if they want one. We build tools and create experiences to amplify hope in people's lives.  


I have been married to my wife Jennifer for 22 years and have 2 children. My family and I live in San Diego, CA and own a fluffy Pomeranian. 



For inquiries about my resources, workshops or for speaking engagements please use the form below.

NOTE: Unfortunately, I am not able to do counseling correspondence through email. If you're interested in receiving information on my 2-day, one-on-one intensives, you can use the form below.   

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