When I was a kid I would go out into the yard and capture caterpillars and put them in a glass jar and take them back into my room. I would then watch over the next few days, as those caterpillars spun a cocoon and then turn into beautiful butterflies. I would then take that glass jar back outside, now filled with butterflies and release them into the sky. 

Some flew straight up, some flew to the left, some to the right. But you know what never happened?  Not once did any of those butterflies ever fly back into my jar. They knew instinctively they were meant to be free. The scriptures say that it is for freedom that we have been set free and that as our lives intersect with God, he liberates us from the traps of…self criticism, toxic behaviors, living as a victim…all that stuff that puts us right back in our own glass jar.

Second chance living says its time to fly and to be free and become everything God made you to be.